Contractor Software

For contract, workforce & health and safety oversight.

Quickly access and inspect assets using barcode.

Build your own forms with EviDocs to use anytime.

Take advantage of Centralised Document Storage.

Add contract specific stock, bill of materials, schedules of rates to jobs.

What, Where and When

Evident is designed with the simple goal of knowing "What, Where and When".
What - Instantly know what you are looking at with the simple barcode scan and intuitive search.
Where - Know where your asset is or your vehicle is allocated with it's full assignment / service history.
When - Scheduled and adhoc inspections are quick and easy to do from asset or vehicle profile. Every action is date, time and location stamped. 
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Simplifying Management Information

WebClient - for full access, reporting and analysis when you're back at your desk.
iOS and Android - for when you are in the field.