We are Evident

Within all safety controls there is equipment that requires regular oversight, timely maintenance and immediate repair. This is why we developed Evident Software to make maintenance, management and compliance uncomplicated and effortless. 

Contract Delivery

Support Contract Delivery

All activity is authenticated so you are able to accurately measure your contract's efficiency and effectiveness​.

Live Assets

Live Asset Compliance

Live oversight of inspection activity​

and results, enabling fast resolutions.


Authenticated Digital Certification

Create and complete a live fully customisable library of date, time and GPS tagged electronic forms. 


Stored in one easy to access place

Your virtual filing cabinet gives you access to every piece of information – every audit, all your assets & contract data.

Evident Modules - One, Some or All

  • Evidocs - centralised and intelligent storage of every created template and completed form
  • Buildings - centralised information on all buildings data including maintenance schedules, allocated people and assets
  • Assets - history and allocation information at your fingertips
  • People - a HR tool with secured data on all your people
  • Fleet - our online tool for oversight and maintenance of issued fleet
  • Contracts - access all information on specified contracts including KPI's, allocated people, required equipment
  • Jobs - upload schedules and add adhoc works, track daily field team performance. Every job is GPS, time and date stamped.
  • Diary - intuitive routing of all jobs using live data, field team skill sets and starting location
  • Logistics - full stock management solution
  • Finance - all your quotes and invoices for your business
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We have worked with Evident Software to deliver on a number of projects and have always found them to be efficient and proactive in their approach.